Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "I've never rented a party bus before. Are you really allowed to drink on the bus?"

A: Yes you are! Though we can't legally provide you with alcohol, you are welcome to bring your own on the bus. We do provide ice and cups for you, and since we have built-in acrylic or granite bars, it's very easy for you to either mix your own cocktails or just pour a glass of champagne or wine for your guests.

Q: "And is smoking OK on the bus too?"

A: We're sorry to our smoking customers, but out of respect for our non-smoking customers we do not allow smoking on the buses. We want to keep the furnishings as fresh as we possibly can, so please refrain from smoking on our buses. Thank you.

Q: "What if our party runs longer than expected? Do we have to return the bus on time?"

A: Though we like to have a general idea of how long you'll have the bus, we do not have a certain time that you must return it. Some party bus companies charge additional fees if you return the bus late, but not us! We want you to stay as long as you want and to have a good time. No additional fees, just the same hourly rate that you've been charged the whole time.

Q: "What areas surrounding Raleigh do you service?"

A: We have a complete service area page for you to view, but to answer your question briefly, we service all surrounding counties including Wake, Granville, Franklin, Nash, Johnston, Harnett, Chatham, Durham, Person, and Orange.

Q: "What days of the year are your services not available?"

A: Believe it or not, we make our service available every single day of the year, every single day of the week, and every single hour of the day. So no matter when we're needed, we're there for you. The only exception is if we are booked, so make sure to reserve a bus at least two weeks in advance whenever possible.

Q: "How protected am I when I am traveling with Party Bus Raleigh?"

A: Our buses are completely insured. Our drivers are not just drivers, they are professional chauffeurs. We maintain our buses in as perfect condition as possible, and inspect them before and after each and every trip. And of course, all necessary permits and licenses are kept current. You can rest assured that you're in good hands with Party Bus Raleigh!

Yes you can
Quick Answers
  • Drink alcoholic beverages (21+)
  • Make unlimited & unplanned stops
  • Play music from your personal devices
  • Bring your own festive party decorations
  • Have and consume food on board
No you cannot
Quick Answers
  • Smoke (anything) on our buses
  • Have alcohol with minors on board
  • Bring any sort of weapons on our buses
  • Trash or damage our equipment or vehicle