301 W Center St / Holly Springs, NC 27450 / Phone number (919) 285-2412

While it can be a bit hard to notice from the road as it's tucked away in a large brick building with other establishments, but if you're heading out with Party Bus Raleigh in the Feltonville area, you should make a note of the address so you don't miss it. It's really huge inside, just perfect for Party Bus Raleigh groups, and we think it's the perfect space in which to watch the game and enjoy some good conversation with your partygoing friends. Lunch, dinner, and late night are the best times to visit and we think you'll especially enjoy it on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, or at happy hour! Wonderful homemade chips and great beer selection!


1402 E Williams St / Apex, NC 27539 / Phone number (919) 629-7486

As far as sports bars in the Feltonville area, Chevy's Ale House is one that we think you'll really enjoy checking out. Your Party Bus Raleigh trip will be made all the better by your visit here, to nosh on incredible burgers and pizza and sip perfect pours of delicious draft beer. Dancing is plenty of fun here and so is watching the game. They've even got karaoke nights here as well as wonderful live music. The prices are quite affordable too, making it a very wise choice for your party bus trips when you're trying to save some cash. The fried pickles are a must-have as far as we're concerned and we love the buffet for events! Great view of the game from wherever!


128 Bass Lake Rd / Holly Springs, NC 27540 / Phone number (919) 762-7143

SiP Wine & Coffee Bistro is a cafe and wine bar with a British flair, and Party Bus Raleigh customers really seem to enjoy this one. Wonderful service, outdoor seating, beautiful music, a full bar... they really do seem to have it all here. The ambiance is absolutely incredible. Just beautifully decorated and so comfortable too. Their wine selection is quite impressive and their coffee is excellent as well. Their namesake platter is a very nice choice to share with your Party Bus Raleigh group, including a nice array of meat and cheese, fruit and nuts. Definitely a nice pairing to go with your wine, and perhaps even with your coffee! Very highly recommended.


3460 Ten Ten Rd / Cary, NC 27518 / Phone number (919) 267-6011

A fine example of a great American restaurant with a cajun and creole slant that we really appreciate! We love the fact that it's so upscale and quiet here, just right for romantic celebrations or intimate conversations. There's a full bar so you'll be able to enjoy all your favorite cocktails and a really impressive menu with very exciting dishes. One that we especially love is earth and sky, which is a combination of lamb and duck. The sweet potato fries are excellent and so are the steak fries, and we'd recommend the grits with gouda very highly too! Party Bus Raleigh absolutely adores this place and we believe that you will too.


124 Bass Lake Rd / Holly Springs, NC 27540 / Phone number (919) 567-3251

If you are coming out with Party Bus Raleigh in the Feltonville area and you want a really sensational place where you can enjoy draft beer and juicy burgers, Bass Lake Draft House should be a major priority for you to visit. The prices are quite affordable, there's a ton of space for larger groups, and there are wonderful happy hour prices that will really please you when you're looking to save money. Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays are our favorite nights to come in and we think they'll be yours too. The spinach artichoke dip is one of our favorite starters and we can't get enough of the pickle chips! Great BBQ burgers and country fried steak that will knock your socks off!