Eagle Rock


835 N Smithfield Rd / Knightdale, NC 27545 / Phone number (919) 266-3130

Sports Page is a Party Bus Raleigh recommendation int he Eagle Rock area that we know you won't want to miss! This is the cool little sports bar that's always got something exciting going on. If it's not a big game, it's live music. If it's not karaoke, it's a gorgeous night under the stars in their outdoor seating area. If it's not trivia night, it's poker night! We could go on and on! In terms of the food, it's really excellent, and in fact they even feature all-you-can-eat crab night, which is clearly a prime time to be there! There are plenty of televisions scattered around the bar so that you'll be able to catch a great view of the action no matter where you're seated.


418 W Gannon Ave / Zebulon, NC 27597 / Phone number (919) 269-0125

If you're the type of Party Bus Raleigh customer who is traveling in the Eagle Rock area and who wants to have a great old fashioned time that is all too hard to find nowadays, you really must point your chauffeur to McLean's Ole Time Cafe. This is a wonderful place to have lunch any day of the week, and they're also well known, perhaps even famous, for their incredible breakfasts and brunches! When we're there in the AM we love to take advantage of their breakfast buffet and that's certainly a smart option for a Party Bus Raleigh group. For lunch, the sweet potato casserole is not to be resisted! The catfish will really tempt your tastebuds too! Love it!


1018-E Shoppes At Midway Dr / Knightdale, NC 27545 / Phone number (919) 266-4115

You might not have thought that a yogurt bar would be on your itinerary for your Party Bus Raleigh trip in the Eagle Rock area, but so many of our customers note this place on the way to their other destinations and end up stopping in for a cool treat. It's a summer essential as far as we're concerned and that's why we've put it on this list! We love all of the delicious froyo that is served here, especially the chocolate! The fresh strawberries are the perfect thing to top that yogurt with, or perhaps some juicy peaches! The service is quick and friendly and they've got so much variety in terms of toppings here. Definitely a prime snack spot in Eagle Rock!


706 Money Ct / Knightdale, NC 27545 / Phone number (919) 295-9367

Seeking an oyster bar in the Eagle Rock area? Well, Knightdale Seafood & BBQ should be considered for your Party Bus Raleigh itinerary for certain! This is an old fashioned type of restaurant that really has an eye for quality. The flounder sandwich is one of our top choices for a deliciously filling lunch, and we love the fact that they pile it high with not just one but several filets of fish! Yum! They have really delicious hush puppies here too in case you love those as much as we do! The sweet tea is absolutely delicious and we find that it's the perfect way to wash down an absolutely irresistible meal. Absolutely one of our highest recommendations!


Triangle E Shoppi / Zebulon, NC 27597 / Phone number (919) 269-7009

Another barbecue spot in the Eagle Rock area that the Party Bus Raleigh staff and customers alike cannot get enough of is Smithfield's Chicken 'n Bar-B-Q. You'll note that they separate "bar" in the restaurant name to make it clear that this is a great watering hole and not just a BBQ restaurant. Love that! Because what goes better with barbecue than a cold brewski? We love every single one of their barbecue choices, paired with their perfect coleslaw and hush puppies, and of course their amazing potato salad! The only downside to this place is that they haven't got any televisions, so sports fans are out of luck! Still, a wonderful place, and great ambiance too!