320 E Chapel Hill St / Durham, NC 27701 / Phone number (919) 213-1267

Alley Twenty Six has got to be one of Party Bus Raleigh's absolute top choices in terms of bars that are located in the Durham portion of our service area. This lovely little lounge is a fantastic place to obtain some refreshing drinks during your outing with us, just chilling in this too-cool atmosphere and snacking on their fabulous tapas and other items. They have great late night hours here, open till 2:00 AM every night, and the best nights to come in are Thursdays during the week and Fridays and Saturdays on the weekend. There are no happy hour prices here but we think you'll be thrilled with the daily prices anyway. Delish pimento cheese dip here!


1108 Broad St / Durham, NC 27705 / Phone number (919) 286-2359

If you're a lover of a good game of billiards or perhaps throwing a few darts with your buddies while you're out on a Party Bus Raleigh trip, why not let your professional chauffeur take you straight to The Green Room, one of our personal favorite pool halls and dive bars in the Durham area? They have an absolutely enormous selection of bottled beer here that you'll certainly want to work your way through over your many visits. The juke box is really great and they've got more than enough pool tables so that you won't have to fight over just one or two all night long! Definitely one of the smarter choices in the Durham area, and highly recommended!


703 Rigsbee Ave / Durham, NC 27701 / Phone number (919) 294-9661

Surf Club is another cool bar that Party Bus Raleigh would recommend in the Durham part of our service area, very conveniently located on Rigsbee Avenue right near all the other hot spots. This low-priced joint is just perfect for chilling out, watching the game, and enjoying both indoor and outdoor seating depending on your preference! Many of our customers have said that this is the best neighborhood bar in the city, and that says a lot, considering the fact that it's pretty new! Usually longevity is the key, but sometimes a new place pops up to surprise you, and this is one of them. Great selection of drinks and wonderful service! We love it here!


726 Rigsbee Ave / Durham, NC 27701 / Phone number (919) 682-2337

If you're wanting to visit a great brewery in the Durham part of Party Bus Raleigh's service area, Fullsteam Brewery is the one that we will point you to, time after time. This is a huge and impressive place, filled with great staff that will be more than happy to take you on a personal tour and really show you the inner workings as you sip and enjoy the product of all their efforts! Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are the days we'd most recommend coming in. Playing ping pong is always a blast here and you'll love the working man's lunch for your meal. They have a huge array of beers to choose from, our personal favorite being the Summer Basil Ale! Yum!


117B E Main St / Durham, NC 27701 / Phone number (919) 351-9391

Party Bus Raleigh saved the best for last. Bar Lusconi is the one that we would endow with our best bar award if we gave one! This is a pricier one and a more impressive one overall, with a very pleasant and quiet atmosphere that's just perfect for your more romantic celebrations or those times when you really need to focus on an important conversation. This is a beer and wine establishment only, with a more limited menu of meats and cheeses, keeping it very classy and simple. Note that there is no sign outside, so you'll have to find this one based on address only. Don't worry, our chauffeur has got you covered. Truly one of our very highest recommendations!