1979 High House Rd / Cary, NC 27519 / Phone number (919) 388-9930

Party Bus Raleigh customers who are after an amazing breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner in the Carpenter area have got to head over to Doherty's Irish Pub & Restaurant to indulge! They've recently redesigned the interior and they really did a fantastic job! They have such a beautiful restaurant area to relax in and a perfect bar area in which to chill with friends. The quality of the food here is so high! We're in love with the fish and chips and we have also really enjoyed their corned beef and cabbage on numerous occasions. The brisket nachos are noteworthy too! A very high recommendation!


3460 Ten Ten Rd / Cary, NC 27518 / Phone number (919) 267-6011

Be sure to heed our advice when we say this is must-visit when you are in the Carpenter area with Party Bus Raleigh. The prices are quite moderate and there's a full bar for you to enjoy. It's very quiet and upscale here, giving you the feeling that you're treating yourself to something special while also giving you a chance to enjoy some intimate conversation with your friends or loved ones. The earth and sky is one of our favorite dishes here, which consists of a rack of lamb and roasted duck. Could it be any more delicious? We don't think so! The sweet potato fries and steak fries are just out of this world.


701 E Chatham St / Cary, NC 27511 / Phone number (919) 462-7001

If you're looking for a place in the Carpenter area that has a nice long beer list, we'll send you to Spirits Pub & Grub. Party Bus Raleigh customers go to this one all the time. They love the fact that they don't have to pay exorbitant prices just to enjoy a good time out, and that they get such high quality here. Tuesdays, Thursdays, as well as the weekend are the top times come in, and the best times are dinner or late night. The macaroni and cheese is fantastic here and they have so many varieties to choose from! They have wonderful drinks specials every day to save you even more money!


8314 Chapel Hill Rd / Cary, NC 27513 / Phone number (919) 465-2455

If a wine bar is more your style and you're coming through Carpenter with Party Bus Raleigh, you should consider Maximillian's as your destination of choice. This is one of your pricier options, but you'll be more than pleased with everything that you receive here. It's romantic and lovely, and nice and quiet too so that you can actually hear the conversation that you're having! Dress to the nines, because this is a dressy place! There's a full bar for your enjoyment and they've got everything your heart could desire. The sea bass is one of our favorite things here and we're obsessed with the voodoo tuna. Delish!


1301 NW Maynard Rd / Cary, NC 27513 / Phone number (919) 460-7151

The Corner Tavern & Grill is a perfect casual choice for an evening in Carpenter with Party Bus Raleigh. Lunch, dinner, and late night are the perfect times to come in and grab a bite and perhaps a mouth watering drink. You and your party bus group will absolutely love it here. The avocado burgers on pretzel buns are really fantastic, and we adore their chicken wings and beef ribs! The trout is a nice daily special that you'll certainly want to indulge in when it's available. The service is really noteworthy here, so friendly and attentive, just as it should be. This is one of our highest recommendations.